The Devil’s Harvest Seeds have rapidly gained a reputation for producing unique cannabis strains, customers choose our genetics to achieve high yields. Our regular and feminized cannabis seeds are very reliable and have been bred to have the shortest possible flowering period.

Amsterdam has always led the way in creative breeding , our award-winning cannabis seedbank has taken the competition world by storm. We have won several high-profile Cannabis Cups. These include High Times Amsterdam, Spannabis & High Life to name but a few. This success has led to us garnering support from across the stoner universe, including some high-profile celebrity stoners.

With famous award winning strains like RollexOG, Strawberry Sour Diesel and Shoreline you will find the cup winning strain for you.

Our unique cannabis strains are currently taking Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops by storm, scooping numerous high-profile awards in the process. Whether it’s Casey Jones for a heavy knockout effect, Shoreline for something completely new or the super tasty Strawberry Sour Diesel; buy cannabis seeds here or risk being the only one in your neighbourhood without a “devilish” secret at home.

Choosing whether to buy feminized cannabis seeds or regular seeds is a choice based mainly on the grower’s preference. Many gardeners find feminized seeds particularly useful where they have an issue with space or time. Buying feminized seeds can simplify and shorten your grow quite considerably.

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