BCN Seeds STICKY WONDER Feminized – Semi Femminizzati


BCN Seeds STICKY WONDER Feminized – Semi Femminizzati.

Super Silver Haze ’98 x G-13 Whidow
60 % Sativa 40 % Indica

An explosive cross of genetics with a powerful sativa effect. To develop this great plant we have cross two of the best in the last years, the resulting strain is a very productive variety with a middle long flowering period an big, dense buds. A very good choice for party time.

Penetrating and pure haze flavor. Hot in tasse, with a fine aroma that remid us to the copal, a fossil vegetable resin, used as inciense by the old Mayas in their rituals.

BCN SeedsIndoor
Flowery 56 / 75 days
Size 78 / 85 cm
Production Medium 550 -650 gr. /m2

Flowery Late October
Height High
Production 950 / 1400 gr./ plant

THC 15 – 18 %