BCN Seeds QUEEN KUSH Feminized – Semi Femminizzati


BCN Seeds QUEEN KUSH Feminized – Semi Femminizzati.

Purple Kush X Nacho’s Bud
50 % Sativa – 50 % Indica

We have hybridized Purple Purple Kush x Afghani, with our best-selling Bud Nacho’s more genetic sativa, getting a tasty plant, productive and therapeutic.

Subtle flavor and earthy aroma with sweet notes in the usual varieties Kush, but with a slight taste of Haze. A long and happy euphoria bathe mind as physical relaxation release the body of pain, insomnia and stress.

BCN SeedsIndoor
Flowering 45-55 días
Altura 70/80 cm
Production 550-650 gr / m2

Flowering late October
Altura High
Production High 1.2 to 1.5 kg / plant

THC 19 – 23 %