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00 Seeds NORTHERN LIGHT Semi di Cannabis Femminizzati



Northern Lights from 00 Seeds Bank is a feminised cannabis plant with a decidedly Indica character, a cornerstone of cannabis genetics, and plant that has brought joy to smokers and growers alike for more than 25 years, proving that quality and potency will never go out of style!

This hugely popular Indica has a very vigorous growth from the beginning of its life, growing as tall as 300cm when planted in the ground outdoors, or 80 to 120cm when grown indoors.

It can be cultivated in all growing systems, adapting well to all kinds of substrate and cultivation techniques, and is easy to grow, an undemanding plant which is a good option for learner growers as well as for those with more gardening experience.

Northern Lights has a short flowering period, ready indoors after no more than 55 days, after which it delivers a weighty harvest of very dense and resinous flowers. Outdoors, plants will mature by mid September, and give heavy crops of more than 500g if conditions are correct. Indoors, yields of up to 500g per m2 can be expected.

With high levels of THC and CBD, its powerful relaxing indica effect is an excellent option for consumers looking for an overwhelming and knockout strain to leave the body completely relaxed.


Tipo: Femminizzato
Fotoperiodo: Si
Coltivazione: Indoor/outdoor
Varietà: Prevalentemente Indica
Genetiche: Original Sweet Afghani x Thai
Raccolto Outdoor: (g) 900 gr/plant
Raccolto Indoor: (g) 450 – 550 gr/m2
Tempo di fioritura: (giorni) 45 – 50
Altezza: (cm) 80/120cm
Altezza outdoor: (cm) 200/300cm
Aroma/Sapore: Floreale, Hash
Effetto: Rilassante, Fisico, Duraturo

Caratteristiche del seme

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