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00 Seeds GORILLA Fast Version Semi di Cannabis Femminizzati


00 Seeds GORILLA Fast Version.

Gorilla is an indica/sativa hybrid strain with slightly more indica dominance. It is a cross of Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister, and Sour Dubb. Despite its hybrid appearance and status it packs a powerful punch in its white-encrusted buds.

Indoors its height will be restricted to between 90 – 120 cm. producing 550 – 600 gr/m2 of lime green spherical buds glistening with sparkling white trichomes. Flowering takes 60 – 65 days in this environment. Pruning lower branches will focus energy on the upper branches yielding bigger buds.

Outdoors plants will grow much bigger, between 250 – 300 cm, and will be ready during the first half of October in northern latitudes with each plant capable of producing 1000 gr. In whichever environment it is grown this is a plant that only requires a moderate supply of nutrients and likes to be watered little and often, lacking tolerance of too little or too much water at any one time.

Its scent is powerful and includes diesel fuel with earthy and very sour notes. THC production can reach 25% and this, together with low CBD, produces a kick which is very much indica in effect.


Tipo: Femminizzato
Fotoperiodo: Si
Coltivazione: Indoor/outdoor
Varietà: Prevalentemente Indica
Genetiche: Original Gorilla Glue #4
Raccolto Outdoor: (g) 900 gr/plant
Raccolto Indoor: (g) 550 – 600 gr/m2
Tempo di fioritura: (giorni) 60 – 65
Altezza: (cm) 90/120cm
Altezza outdoor: (cm) 250/300cm
Aroma/Sapore: Terroso, Pino, Diesel
Effetto: Rilassante, Fisico, Potente, Duraturo

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