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00 Seeds CRITICAL POISON Semi di Cannabis Femminizzati



Critical Poison from 00 Seed Bank is a top quality feminised cannabis strain, a cross between the famous Critical Mass and an Indica variety giving it a better structure, higher yields and even more resin.

It is a vigorous plant that can be easily grown indoors and outdoors, and is ideal for growers looking for high-quality, fast-flowering and aroma-rich varieties.

In indoor growing, we can expect plants from 80 to 100cm, a good option for crops in small spaces. Outdoors it can reach 3m and will offer a heavy flower production.

Cultivated indoors, yields are from 550 to 600g per m2, making it a highly productive strain of cannabis. Outdoors its production of colas will be even higher, offering more than 600 grams per plant according to the growing conditions.

Its flowers are coated with trichomes, making it a great choice for resin extraction enthusiasts of all types, be it BHO, drysift, bubble hash or rosin.

It is advisable to use stakes to help bear the weight of the flowers, especially outdoors where the long branches can bend under the weight of the dense buds.

At the organoleptic level, its flavour combines earthy and hash notes combined with a floral base that will delight lovers of Indica plants.


Tipo: Femminizzato
Fotoperiodo: Si
Coltivazione: Indoor/outdoor
Varietà: Prevalentemente Indica
Genetiche: Critical Mass x Indica
Raccolto Outdoor: (g) 700 gr/plant
Raccolto Indoor: (g) 550 – 600 gr/m2
Tempo di fioritura: (giorni) 45 – 50
Altezza: (cm) 80/100cm
Altezza outdoor: (cm) 200/300cm
Aroma/Sapore: Terroso, Speziato, Hash
Effetto: Rilassante, Fisico, Potente

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