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00 Seeds BUBBLE GUM Semi di Cannabis Femminizzati


00 Seeds BUBBLE GUM.

Bubble Gum from 00 Seeds Bank is a feminised cannabis strain with intense and unique flavour, reminiscent of bubble gums.

Bubble Gum performs well in all types of growing systems, being especially suitable for hydroponic systems. On the other hand, and if we focus on flavour, using soil is recommended to enjoy its full terpene profile.

Buds are long and compact, and completely covered with trichomes. They need 55-60 days to fully ripen, reaching around 80-110cm in height and producing 400-500g/m2 of dried flowers.

Outdoors, and if planted in the ground, it can easily reach 2.5m in height, being ready to harvest by early September.

The effect is body relaxing, although it also stimulates your mind and encourages socialisation.


Tipo: Femminizzato
Fotoperiodo: Si
Coltivazione: Indoor/outdoor
Varietà: Prevalentemente Indica
Genetiche: Sweet Bubble Gum
Raccolto Outdoor: (g) 600 gr/plant
Raccolto Indoor: (g) 450 – 550 gr/m2
Tempo di fioritura: (giorni) 55 – 60
Altezza: (cm) 80/110cm
Altezza outdoor: (cm) 180/250cm
Aroma/Sapore: Dolce, Fruttato, Gomma da masticare
Effetto: Creativo, Mentale, Rilassante, Fisico, Duraturo

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